• V Kavetskyi TOV «Nezalezhna laboratoriia pozhezhnoyi bezpeky»
  • M Biloshytskyi The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute
  • S Yeremenko Institute of Public Administration in the Sphere of Civil Protection
  • A Pruskyi Institute of Public Administration in the Sphere of Civil Protection
  • M Kopylnyi The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute
  • O Korniienko The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute
Keywords: Key words: fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing powders, quality indicators, standards, testing procedure, burst pressure, fire extinguishing powders chemistry.


Problematic issues analysis concerning powder fire extinguishing means reliability was carried out, they are: ensuring the quality reliability of fire-extinguishing powders during their production, storage and application; quality assurance; powder fire extinguishers’ reliability and safety. It is emphasized that the technical problems related to quality of fire-extinguishing powders having been raised in the last years are mainly due to the fact that the manufacturers of fire-extinguishing powders endeavour to produce the ones having the lowest prime cost, and this rather often takes place on account of lowering fire-fighting ability (they decrease content of inhibiting salts) in order to compete more effectively on the market. Prime cost of fire-extinguishing powder is lowered due to increasing content of water insoluble natural dispersed additives in it including industrial waste, diminishment of ammonium phosphates content or otherwise by complete substitution of the latter, and use of inhibiting salts (for instance, sodium chloride) unable to put out class A fires. Influence of chemical composition on the quality of extinguishing powders is analyzed. Optimal components of the fire extinguishing composition have been established which ensure quality of extinguishing powders. Effect of the Law of Ukraine “On Standardization” which abolished the mandatory state registration of standards and technical specifications as well as their voluntary application on the quality and reliability of powder fire extinguishing means has been studied. Problem issues are emphasized as well related to simultaneous validity in Ukraine both exceptionally national standards for portable and mobile fire extinguishers and national standards harmonized to appropriate European ones. Possible ways of quality improvement of fire extinguishing powders and powder fire extinguishers as well as fire extinguishing reliability enhancement have been proposed, in particular, through the introduction of EN 615 European standard and Technical regulations for aerosol dispensers in Ukraine, amending Regulations for use and typical rules of availability of fire extinguishers as well as introduction of mechanism of monitoring of fire extinguishers coming to use etc.