• S Ohurtsov The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute
  • S Semychaievskyi The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute
Keywords: high-boiling combustible liquids, sprayed water, extinguishing processes research, thermal-imaging equipment


According to the analysis of literature sources of extinguishing of high-boiling combustible liquids, several key issues were identified that should be determined during experimental research of extinguishing processes, namely: dispersion of spraying, particle velocity of water extinguishing agent, temperature of its supply, change in concentrations of impurities-combustion inhibitors, the temperature of liquid layer, investigated the intensity of liquid combustion (size of torch of combustion, control of combustion intensification presence or absence). The need of development of individual methods of laboratory research of water-based fire extinguishing substances and their supply parameters to minimize the intensification of the combustion processes of high-boiling combustible liquids, taking into account the specificity of their extinguishing, has been determined. The proposed improved methods of research of extinguishing processes of high-boiling combustible liquids provides control of the temperature of model fireplace, the temperature of extinguishing agent, and the use of the TESTO 885 thermal-imaging device provides visualization of model fireplace size and shape during extinguishing process. The parameters of cutting of Danfoss nozzle 0,40 Gph 80 ° were experimentally determined in terms of its use for cutting of distilled water at pressures of 4.6 and 8 bar. The possibility of using thermographic equipment with a spectral range from 7 to 14.5 microns for research the features of the interaction of sprayed water extinguishing agents with high-boiling combustible liquids are experimentally identified. The characteristic images of individual stages of processes allow to visualize external dimensions of flame and its character, especially in the conditions of reducing the limits of measurements for further programmed processing of the video sequence. Minimization of combustion intensification shall be the subject of further research of the authors. Changing the initial conditions of supply of sprayed water, its initial temperature, the intensity of supply, using impurities-combustion inhibitors, it will be necessary to determine conditions for the most effective extinguishing of fires of turbine oil spills of the TP-22 brand.