Keywords: light beacon, light emitting diode, technical requirements, lighting performance, smoke chamber, photometric integrating sphere.


The issue of the necessity of creating a fire light beacon is considered, due to which it is possible to improve the orientation of the fire and rescue workers in difficult conditions with limited visibility in buildings and premises with complex planning decisions and the light indication of the return path. An analysis of the technical parameters of existing light beacons has been carried out and it has been established that the requirements for their light indicators during use in zones with limited visibility are absent. The technical requirements for a fire light beacon are Justified taking into account the main disadvantages in existing models of light beacons. Experimental test equipment was developed for determining the light characteristics of artificial light sources (LEDs) when used in a smoky environment of different optical densities. Experimental studies of artificial light sources (LEDs with different color temperature of glow in the power of 1 W and 3 W) are carried out in a smoky environment of different optical densities. The obtained experimental results were used in further work on the development of a fire light beacon. A 3D model was developed and an experimental sample was made using a 3D printer. The structure and principle of the experimental model of the light beacon, which differs from the existing world analogues, provides a visual observation of the glow 360 ° relative to the vertical axis and has improved ergonomic parameters. The results of experimental researches on definition of light characteristics of beacons at work in a smoked environment of different optical density are resulted. Patent of Ukraine for utility model obtained for created sample. Developed and sent to the State Enterprise "UkrNDNTS" on the procedure for public comment project DSTU Fire equipment. Lightning equipment. Classification and general requirements.