• L Kalynenko The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute
  • N Kymakovska The Ukrainian Civil Protection Research Institute
Keywords: man-made safety; radiation accident; emergency preparedness; emergency response.


In Ukraine the activities aimed at prevention of radioactive accidents are conducted on a high level. Among these, a system of preparedness and emergency response is of great importance.

This work describes the experience of collaboration of central executive authorities, functional and territorial subsystems of general state civil protection system and operating organizations within the framework of the system of preparedness and emergency response to radiation and nuclear accidents. This is done for popularization and using of this experience in other spheres of man-made safety.

An important aspect of management of radiation emergencies is the ability to respond immediately and adequately, that is, emergency response. This requires is to identify the response strategy in accordance with the dynamic of the situation, namely: needs in organizing protective measures, actions for protection the population and emergency personnel, using of all available information for the assessment of radiation situation.

Emergency Response is defined by IAEA as implementation of measures aimed at reducing the disaster consequences for human health and safety and environment. It can also provide the basis for renovation of normal social and economic activity.

Accidents with radioactive sources or materials are a broad category, including a source found or radioactive material, contaminated areas or objects, unprotected sources, accidents in laboratories, on industrial or scientific facilities, as well as transport accidents.

In case of nuclear or radiation emergency on the operating nuclear stations of Ukraine, central and local authorities should, in accordance with the local legislation, make decisions and act based on the existing institutional and territorial plans, taking into consideration the recommendations of IAEA and operating organization, as well as regulations of other responsible institutions.

The data of analysis identified that priority and prospective tasks of functioning and development of the system of Emergency preparedness and response to radiation accidents in Ukraine are prevention and liquidation of nuclear and/or radiation accidents.