• S Nemenushcha Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
  • O Fesenko Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
  • V Lysyuk Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Keywords: еmergencies, natural and man-made environment, external risks for enterprises.


For today the question of firmness of work of enterprises goes out into first place. Specific conditions that contributed to this situation is the weakening of state regulation of safety, a significant depreciation of fixed assets, and as a result - reducing emergency stability and more. Therefore, preventive measures to ensure the safety of emergency in enterprises to analyze and establish external and internal factors that lead to disaster, to plan measures to ensure the stability of. Each enterprise independently monitors the internal causes of the risk of emergencies, and external factors are not always known. In the presented work the analysis of information sources was carried out and data on external factors of occurrence of emergencies on the enterprises of Odessa region were generalized. Such factors, in most cases, are natural and man-made sources of emergencies. The purpose of the study is to analyze the changes in the natural and man-made environment in the Odessa region over the past 11 years. Object of research - identification of external sources of natural and man-made risk of emergencies in the enterprises of the Odessa region. On the basis of the statistical-analytical assessment of the data on the complex of risks and the general tendencies of their changes in the area of natural and technological safety in the territory of the Odessa region, a high probability of occurrence of emergencies is established. Among the dangerous natural processes and phenomena in the region, the following types of emergencies are possible: geological, hydrological, meteorological, natural fires and mass infections and illnesses of people, animals and plants), except for the eruption of volcanoes. They remain virtually unchanged and fairly high over the past 11 years. Dangerous factors of anthropogenic nature on the territory of the Odessa region are radiation, chemical, fire and explosive, transport and consequences of hydrodynamic accidents. It is established that from the combination of natural and man-made hazards, the risk for a person to suffer or perish from their joint action increases the sneers. According to the results of territorial monitoring of natural and man-made sources of emergencies, preventive measures have been proposed to reduce the risk of emergencies with large negative consequences for people, enterprises and the environment. The practical value of the data provided to enterprises - the use of planning measures to ensure the stability of their work.