Keywords: Grain processing industry, elevators, fire and explosion safety, identification of places of localization, risk.


The analysis of fire and explosion safety on grain elevators in Ukraine for the last 11 years has been carried out. It has been established that on grain elevators, from 2014 onwards, an increase in the number of cases of fires is observed annually. If there were 3 fires in 2014 and 2016, then in 2018 there were already 15. In just 2 months of 2019, four such emergencies were created on elevators. The places of localization of the risk of fires and explosions at enterprises have been identified. Localization of fires occurred in 56.8% of cases in grain dryers. In the second place there are fires in warehouses - 18.2%. The same number of fires, by 4.5% of the frequency of occurrence, is recorded in the narias, in transport galleries and at transformer substations. Occasionally, with a probability of up to 2.4% each, there were cases of fire due to lightning strike and factors of the "human factor" (violation of the technological regulations, rules of fire works, arson). An estimation of the risk of fire on grain elevators is carried out by the statistical method. It was established that the probability of fires for the last 11 years was R = 18,9 × 10-4 in grain dryers, and in warehouses - R = 6,05 × 10-4. The risk of fires in narias, in transport galleries and at transformer substations was estimated to be R = 1.5 × 10-4, respectively. If the causes of the fires were a "human factor", namely the violation of the technological regulations, rules for conducting fire works and as a result of arson, then each time the risk was R = 7.5 × 10-5. In order to provide fire and explosion safety on elevators it is proposed: to replace, reconstruct or re-equip technological equipment, machines, mechanisms, etc.; to check the availability of developed technical projects, technological regulations, other technical documentation for high-risk works, equipment, tools, protective devices of dangerous zones of machines and mechanisms, starting, preventive, brake and cleaning devices, systems of blocking and signaling, ventilation and illumination, safety signs , primary means of fire extinguishing, holding at the enterprises of certification of buildings, structures, engineering networks; etc.